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"Mark, I just wanted to say thank you so much for getting me my licence. If it was not for you I would'nt have got it. I know its your job but to me its an amazing feeling to be able to jump in my car on my own and go where I need to go. I will always be grateful. Thanks.

Gina Kinevanne | Neath

Neath driving lessons

"I started having lessons about two months ago and had to pass my driving test before my theory test run out. Mark agreed and promised we'd get it done by then. I had 20 hours and we covered so much. Such an amazing instructor no regrets passed 1st time"

Adrian Davies | Neath

Neath driving lessons

"I had 3 instructors and Mark was my 3rd he is a brilliant instructor and would recommend him to everyone he's a lovely guy and honest and tells you how it is, which is positive if u want to pass. It didn't take me long with Mark because he's the BEST thank you so much Mark I'm so happy and that's partly down to u xx"

Nicola Cochrane | Neath

Review in Neath

I would like to thank Mark for being a brilliant and understanding teacher I am glad that Mark was my instructor he made me feel comfortable while learning to drive a real nice guy to be around with good conversation so a big thanks to Mark

Dean Mckeown | Neath

driving lessons port talbot

"Having no luck with a previous instructor, I decided to look elsewhere and came upon Mark's website. After looking at the pass rate and testimonials I decided Mark was the right one for me. He's an excellent instructor and worked well with my confidence, I'd recommend him to anyone. I'm so glad I chose Mark and finally got my pass result today :) (first time with him) Thank you Mark :))))"

Jemma Hedges | Neath

Diving school Neath

Having been the other side of 21, I have been learning to drive for over 12 years. In that time as you can imagine, I have had many a driving instructor. Some have been nice, some not so nice, one was even an alcoholic ! I hope it was nothing to do with my driving ! I like to think I am a good driver, but I majorly lack confidence.

When I emailed Mark to ask if he could help build up my confidence and get me on the road, the email was about 3 pages long explaining everything but the colour of my kitchen. I thought he would dismiss me as a headcase, but when I spoke to him, I realised he was just like me.( Not a headcase just friendly ) and he put me at ease right away.

In my first lesson, I learned things I hadn't learned in the 12 years I have been learning. He made me realise that my worries were nothing major and I needed to look at passing my test from a different angle, which I did and passed !

He is without doubt the best instructor I have ever had, and trust me, there have been a lot. I would recommend Mark to anyone.

Caroline Parsons | Llansamlet

Driving course

I would like to say a massive thanks to Mark for all he's done.Brilliant teacher and a real nice guy. Passed 1st time !!!

Kory Clifford | Neath

Driving course

A massive thanks to Mark for all the help he has given me. All I can say is that he is a true professional, patient and always calm.

Mark has the cheapest prices for the quality of lessons he gives. It only took me 8 weeks to pass my part one and part two 1st time with Mark pushing me all the way. he was always on time and never without his polo mints. I'll be doing my pass plus with him for sure.

Matthew Rhodes | Neath

Driving course

Thank you for helping me pass 1st time !! I enjoyed every lesson and looked forward to them.

I'd recommend you to everyone. Your a great instructor and you have the patience of a saint ha ha !!

I'm looking forward to doing the pass plus with you in the near future.

Thanks again for everything

Holly Davies | Neath

Driving course

Hi Mark, a huge THANK YOU for Davids tuition and for making him feel so relaxed when he was driving with you. He was over the moon when he passed as you probably saw. So once again thanks.

Cath Sullivan | Neath

Driving course

Passed 1st time with Mark. Constant supply of sweets and singing to bay radio. ( sweets more appreciated than I would recommend Mark to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Lisa Lewis | Neath

Driving course

A big thank you is in order to Mark for helping me to pass my test. As a relatively nervous driver I really appreciated his relaxed and friendly manner. He was quick to pick up on my strengths and weaknesses and to advise me accordingly and I always felt safe and encouraged. He really helped me become more confident behind the wheel, and I felt fully prepared for my driving test.

An excellent instructor and I'd recommend him in an instant !

Awen Iowerth | Neath

instructor briton ferry

Mark is a brilliant instructor and he helped me gain my confidence when I was learning to drive. He was incredibly patient and will keep going over things, no matter how many time you need to....which with me was a lot of times ! His prices are reasonable too, compared to some of the prices my friends were charged. Mark is friendly ,chatty and good at timekeeping.!!

I will be recommending Mark to all my friends who will be learning to drive later this year.

Thanks for helping me pass 1st time :)

Lois Ware | Neath

Learn in Skewen

Marks approach really brought out the hidden confidence that I never knew I had. He worked really hard to stamp out all the little mistakes and bad habits I had.

The confidence he gave me definitely helped me pass my driving test 1st time.

Thanks for all the effort you put in Mark, I looked forward to my lessons.

Dani Galvin | Neath

Driving lessons skewen

I was a late starter, did'nt start learning until after my 30th birthday. I've enjoyed having Mark as my driving instructor. he dealt with my nerves, my fears and my sense of humour, and he's inspired me to want to learn , rather than need to learn. He has infinite patience with a genuine enthusiasm to see his students succeed. He pushed me all the way to achieve my best, and the feeling of passing my test after so many years was incredible.

I'd highly recommend him.

Thank you for everything, Karen :)

Karen Chester Hannington | Swansea

Driving instructor from Neath

This is my first ever driving and Mark Neill has been instrumental in my success, always maintaining a professional approach to a complete novice like me ! Every lesson was definitely worth the time and effort. His calm voice and friendly manner would suit the vast majority of learners.

I will recommend Mark to EVERYONE I meet from now on.

( 1st time passer with 3 minors )

Arlene Neri | Port Talbot

Arlene learn to drive

I would like to thank Mark for being a brilliant and understanding teacher. I am glad that Mark was my instructor he made me feel comfortable while learning to drive and we had good conversation. So a big thanks to Mark

Dean Mckeown | Neath

driving lessons port talbot
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