First lesson


Professional driving instructor in the Neath Area

Refresher Lessons

Refresher driving lessons are ideal for people who have had

previous driving lessons. People who have failed their driving

test in the past, or full licence holders who have'nt driven in

a while, and want to re-gain their confidence before taking

to the busy roads again.

Maybe you've been living abroad for a few years and feel

nervous about driving on the roads in this country with

the ever increasing traffic.If you have lost your licence

and need to re-do the driving test, it is well worth taking

some refresher lessons to update your driving skills and

give yourself the best possible chance of passing.

Perhaps you need to brush up on your parking skills, motorway driving, or driving at night. If you are thinking about giving your son or daughter some private practise inbetween their lessons, then it might be a good idea to update your own skills and make sure you are giving them the best help possible.

Driving tuition is adapted to each persons individual needs.

You can book 1 or 2 hour sessions, or even book a block of lessons and receive a discount.