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Professional driving instructor in the Neath Area

Motorway driving

As a new driver, or someone who has never driven on a motorway, the thought of driving at high speeds on the busy motorway can fill you with fear. In fact motorways are among the safest roads to drive on.

Motorways are unlike any other roads, because of the high speeds and the number of lanes you have to deal with, and also the rules and signs that are exclusive to motorways.

You might need an assessment lesson beforehand to make sure that your standard of driving is safe enough to deal with motorway conditions.

Topics covered on motorways

  • Planning journeys in advance
  • Joining and leaving motorways
  • Driving at safe speeds for conditions
  • Planning and scanning ahead
  • Signs, signals, and road markings
  • Lane changing and lane discipline
  • Courtesy to other road users
  • Fatigue
  • Breakdown procedures