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Intensive Courses

Intensive courses are designed for people who need to get their driving licence quickly. The roads are extremely busy and there is a lot to learn in a short space of time, so these courses do not suit many people. So if you are considering doing an intensive course, you will need an assessment lesson first, to make sure the course is suited for you.

I would recommend taking 6 - 8 hours per week, and doing 2 hour sessions to maximise learning. Its also a good idea to have a day rest between lessons to ensure that you are always fresh and have had time to absorb what you have learned.

You must remember that before booking your practical test, you must have passed the theory test.

driving courses

20 hour course

The 20 hour intensive course is suited to a person that has had driving lessons previously or has recently failed the driving test.

Any weak areas of your driving will be identified and worked on, to make sure that you reach the standard required by the DVSA

The course consists of 20 hours tuition spread over 2 - 3 weeks which is followed immediately by the practical driving test.

This driving course is very popular and also very successful.

40 hour course

The 40 hour intensive course is Ideal for a complete beginner.

You will be taken through the full syllabus at a comfortable pace making sure that all subjects are fully understood and practised.

Learning material will be provided for the theory test,

The course consists of 40 hours tuition spread over 7 - 8 weeks.

This driving course is for a complete beginner.